How to build an electric car? You can do so by initiating a Do It Yourself electric vehicle (EV) conversion project from your home garage. But before you start to build and electric car, there are couple of things you have to know. The following are 5 things you have to know before your build your own electric car.
1)    What do you want to use the electric car for? Do you plan to drive short distances only for groceries shopping or go across town. An EV can only cover a limited distance per charge. If you have to drive long distance, an electric car may not be suitable.
2)    Are there power charging points where you park? If you drive your electric car to work, are there any power sockets to charge your car? Are you allowed to charge up your car at work?
3)    What type of donor car would your use? Not all cars are suitable to be retrofitted into EV. Preferably, you will need a car which is manual transmission, rear wheel drive and has ample storage space.
4)    Are you okay if your car has no air conditioning? If you leave in a very cold or hot place, EV may not be suitable. This is because there is not air conditioning or heater. The additional fittings will drain the batteries and reduce your car mileage.
5)    Can you get a permit to drive your EV? An electric car is categorized as a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV). NEV can only go at a certain speed. Some district does not allow NEV due to safety reasons.
If you are really keen to know how to build an electric car, start with getting an electric car conversion guide from the web.