Peter Millward Electricity4Gas Review

One of the things I do to research content for my blog is to buy online electric car conversion manuals and review them. The latest DIY electric vehicle guides that I bought from Clickbank is Peter Millward Electricity 4 Gas. There are a few conversion guides on the web and I’ll be getting them soon.

Just like many DIY electric conversion guides in the market, Electricity4Gas is pretty easy to read. Simple language and not many technical jargons. One section that I really like is Peter’s suggestion on how and where to find cheap electric motor and acid flooded batteries for EV conversion project.

One of the main concern faced by DIY electric car enthusiast is the cost of any EV conversion project. The DC electric motor and batteries would take up the biggest budget. Peter’s suggestion make sense and if you are willing to do some researching to source for used or reconditioned parts, you would keep your conversion budget under control.

I would be posting more of my own thought on Peter Millward’s Electricity4Gas ebook in the future.

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