Solar Power For Homes

I have been surfing the web for the last couple of months on the subject of electric car. A lot of the information I’ve found was very intriguing. Electric car is all about having a mode of transportation which is cheaper than a gasoline driven car. Since an EV has no internal combustion engine, the DC motor draws all the power from the batteries. You will need lots of batteries to have a reasonable mileage per charge on your electric vehicle.

Some of the electric car conversion guides such as Electricity 4 Gas mentioned about charging the batteries with a solar panel at home. That caught my attention and I decided to dig a little deeper. There are people that use solar power for homes. Some of them are really living off the grid. Meaning they produce all of the power they need to run all the house electric appliances. How practical is it using a solar array to charge the batteries of an electric car? I will do more research and reading to find that answer.