How to Make Your Own Electric Car

How do you make your own electric car? A lot of people have been asking that question including myself. In the mid of 2008, we have seen the effect of rising global crude oil prices. Global oil prices skyrocketed to almost US150 per barrel. Stopping by the gasoline station to refuel was a very painful ordeal for myself and I bet for many people too. I have thought of converting my gasoline driven car to run on electricity. Since a brand new electric car is not available where I live, my alternative is to build one myself. But how do I make my own electric car?

I started off doing some research on Do It Yourself (DIY) electric car conversion. I realized there is a lot of work to be done. I doubt I would have the skill, the tools, the know how nor the time to retrofit my car to electric myself. Most probably, in order for me to own an electric car, I would have to outsource the retrofitting process to a professional mechanic.

Outsourcing my electric car conversion doesn’t mean there’s nothing I can do. What I can do is to make sure the work in done within my budget. To do so, I have to read up on the science of an electric car and its associated parts and components. There are numerous book at the book store and on the web about electric car conversion. Some are quite basic while other covers the technical details. The main point is for me to be prudent. At least I want to know when I am being charged for unnecessary parts of work done on my car. Check out these electric car conversion guides comparison for your own copy of the book.