Les Oke’s Convert 2 EV Review – Other Components of an Electric Car Conversion

On the fifth chapter of my Convert 2 EV review, the author of the manual Les Oke wrote about the other components in an electric car. These are all smaller parts but no doubt very important.

Les started off by explaining the components needed to connect the electric motor to the drive train. The component is call the adapter kit which consist of the adapter plate and coupler. The setup of this unit is very important because any misalignment will affect the performance of the electric motor.

Next, Les talk about a manual disconnect for the electric motor. Apparently this small component will prevent you from being electrocuted by the electricity from the batteries. A small investment to save guard your well being. Another safety feature covered is the inertia switch. Very important just in case you have an accident on your electric car.

Measuring instruments are covered in the following paragraph. You will need instruments to measure volt, amps and total batteries charge. How do you power other electrical instruments such as turn signals, head lights, brake lights etc? You will need an auxiliary battery.

To control the amount of current going from the batteries to the electric motor, you will need a variable resistor or a throttle box. That component is mounted at the gas paddle linkage and your foot control the motor speed. Other miscellaneous parts are cables, fuses, contacts, vacuum pump and heater for the driver and batteries.

The fifth chapter in Convert 2 EV is quite lengthy. If you are planning to do your own electric car conversion, these are all the small parts and components that you must get ready. For more information on Do It Yourself (DIY) electric car conversion, check out the Convert 2 EV manual.