Citroen, the French car manufacturing company is also producing pure plug-in electric car. It has converted it cool and compact C1 model into an EV. Turning the C1 into an electric vehicle is a brilliant idea. As the first four-seat battery-powered car, it’s usable on an everyday basis, with a decent range and performance for driving round town. Check out the video of Citroen C1 electric car cruising on the London street.

Here’s some specification on the C1 electric car:
1) Price: £16,850
2) Engine: 30kW electric motor
3)Transmission: Single-speed, front-wheel drive
4) Power: 40bhp
5) 0-62mph: 14 seconds
6) Top speed: 60mph
7) Range: 75 miles
8) Equipment: Electric windows, side airbags, folding rear seats
9) On sale: Now

Coda Automotive of China is launching their own version of pure electric car. Check out the article below.
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An Electric Car With Chinese Roots

Coda sedan

Add one more to the growing list of small private electric-car companies: Coda Automotive, a new brand started by Miles EV, a company that’s been selling low-speed electric vehicles from China for about four years.

The Coda sedan was unveiled last week in Santa Monica, Calif. It is based on the Saibao, a gas-powered car built by the Hafei Automobile Group, a state-owned company in China. The chassis was originally developed by Mitsubishi (which licenses it to Hafei). According to Coda, Hafei sells 200,000 cars a year and has delivered more than a million units since it was established in 2006.

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DIY Electric Car Conversion Project in New Zealand

The following is a Youtube video of a chap by the name Gavin Shoebridge. He’s a DIY electric car retrofitter from New Zealand. You can see from the video, he bought a faulty 1987 Mitsubishi Treadia donor car for $180 back in March 2007.

How to Make Your Own Electric Car

How do you make your own electric car? A lot of people have been asking that question including myself. In the mid of 2008, we have seen the effect of rising global crude oil prices. Global oil prices skyrocketed to almost US150 per barrel. Stopping by the gasoline station to refuel was a very painful ordeal for myself and I bet for many people too. I have thought of converting my gasoline driven car to run on electricity. Since a brand new electric car is not available where I live, my alternative is to build one myself. But how do I make my own electric car?

I started off doing some research on Do It Yourself (DIY) electric car conversion. I realized there is a lot of work to be done. I doubt I would have the skill, the tools, the know how nor the time to retrofit my car to electric myself. Most probably, in order for me to own an electric car, I would have to outsource the retrofitting process to a professional mechanic.

Outsourcing my electric car conversion doesn’t mean there’s nothing I can do. What I can do is to make sure the work in done within my budget. To do so, I have to read up on the science of an electric car and its associated parts and components. There are numerous book at the book store and on the web about electric car conversion. Some are quite basic while other covers the technical details. The main point is for me to be prudent. At least I want to know when I am being charged for unnecessary parts of work done on my car. Check out these electric car conversion guides comparison for your own copy of the book.

Peter Millward Electricity4Gas Review

One of the things I do to research content for my blog is to buy online electric car conversion manuals and review them. The latest DIY electric vehicle guides that I bought from Clickbank is Peter Millward Electricity 4 Gas. There are a few conversion guides on the web and I’ll be getting them soon.

Just like many DIY electric conversion guides in the market, Electricity4Gas is pretty easy to read. Simple language and not many technical jargons. One section that I really like is Peter’s suggestion on how and where to find cheap electric motor and acid flooded batteries for EV conversion project.

One of the main concern faced by DIY electric car enthusiast is the cost of any EV conversion project. The DC electric motor and batteries would take up the biggest budget. Peter’s suggestion make sense and if you are willing to do some researching to source for used or reconditioned parts, you would keep your conversion budget under control.

I would be posting more of my own thought on Peter Millward’s Electricity4Gas ebook in the future.

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How to build an electric car? You can do so by initiating a Do It Yourself electric vehicle (EV) conversion project from your home garage. But before you start to build and electric car, there are couple of things you have to know. The following are 5 things you have to know before your build your own electric car.
1)    What do you want to use the electric car for? Do you plan to drive short distances only for groceries shopping or go across town. An EV can only cover a limited distance per charge. If you have to drive long distance, an electric car may not be suitable.
2)    Are there power charging points where you park? If you drive your electric car to work, are there any power sockets to charge your car? Are you allowed to charge up your car at work?
3)    What type of donor car would your use? Not all cars are suitable to be retrofitted into EV. Preferably, you will need a car which is manual transmission, rear wheel drive and has ample storage space.
4)    Are you okay if your car has no air conditioning? If you leave in a very cold or hot place, EV may not be suitable. This is because there is not air conditioning or heater. The additional fittings will drain the batteries and reduce your car mileage.
5)    Can you get a permit to drive your EV? An electric car is categorized as a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV). NEV can only go at a certain speed. Some district does not allow NEV due to safety reasons.
If you are really keen to know how to build an electric car, start with getting an electric car conversion guide from the web.

If you have not watched the ripping documentary Who Killed The Electric Car, you should. I always wander what happened to the idea of providing electric vehicle for the masses. We all know that internal combustion engine driven cars are bad for the environment. The situation is made worst by rising global crude oil price that pushed locate gasoline prices to a new height. Why don’t we embrace the humble electric vehicle?

I guess a drastic change on the transport industry may not be feasible. We need to change…but we have to change it slowly. Too fast and the whole transport related business industry will collapse. Too slow, we will be to where we are now.

We really need to create more awareness for the electric vehicle. I found the blog post today about the sequel to Who Killed The Electric Car… Revenge of The Electric Car. If whey were to make a part 3. It might be called The Return of the Electric Car. Sweet…