Does Electricity 4 Gas Work for Electric Car Conversion?

Some people may be wandering if Peter Millward’s Electricity 4 Gas works for electric car conversion project? Before I answer that question, there are a few things we have to understand about the process of owning an electric vehicle (EV). There are a few ways you can get your hands on an EV. If you have the money to spend, you can buy a new electric car from the manufacturers. If you are cash strapped, your other option is to convert your existing gasoline driven car to electric.

There are 2 ways how you can retrofit your car to electric. You can either send it to a professional mechanic or you can Do It Yourself (DIY). If you are sending it to a mechanic, you will still have to invest money but not as much as buying a new EV. The cheapest method would be to convert your car to electric on your own at home. However, not everyone has the skill and know how to remove an internal combustion engine and replace it with an electric motor. There are a lot of planning and machining work to be done. Since most of the parts are not available off the shelves, so you have to custom made them. The best option to own an electric car is to outsource the conversion process.

If you are the group of people who are going to outsource the EV work, then Electricity 4 Gas would be very useful. The information in the manual is very preliminary and basic. It does not cover any technical detail info. Nonetheless, after reading the e-book, you will know how an EV works and what are the key components. These knowledge are important so you will have an intelligent conversion with the mechanic. The knowledge will also help you to be more prudent and at least you will know when you are being charged for unnecessary parts or work done on your car.

Why Convert Gas Driven Car to Electric

Before we convert our gasoline driven car to run on electricity, we want to know why? What are the advantages of driving an electric car? There are some very obviously answers but I decided to do some research and write a blog post about it. As usually, I open up Peter Millward’s Electricity 4 Gas e-book to find the answer.

There are a few interesting facts in the electric car conversion manual. One of the main reason has to do with our environment. A car with an internal combustion engine is very harmful to the earth. It creates toxic fumes, greenhouse gas, toxic waste, you name it it has put it in the environment. According to my Electricity 4 Gas review, car exhaust is one of the biggest contributors to air pollution that has ever existed.

The last couple of years, we’ve seen car companies have been forced to clean up their act, to a point. For example, the California Air Resources Board has passed the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) to help clean up the city air. Unfortunately, the mandate was amended due to strong pressure from the car manufacturers. The fiasco was documented in the movie Who Killed The Electric Car.

Finding new ways to fuel our cars is the answer. Using renewable energy to power our cars is the answer that we are pursuing here. An electric vehicle produces very close to zero emissions, which is an excellent solution. We can use conventional AC power from your home, which is more and more produced with renewable energy sources.

Driving an electric car not only can save you money, but as an added benefit, it is also good for the environment. We cannot depend on fossil fuel forever. We have to start using alternative energy source such as electric to power our cars. What we need now is more publicity for the humble electric vehicle.

Electricity 4 Gas Chapter 1 Review – Finding Your Donor Vehicle

I am going to do something different that I have never done before. I am going to do reviews on 2 electric car conversion guides concurrently on this blog. It’s a bit crazy, but I enjoy writing the reviews.

The second electric car conversion manual that I bought was Peter Millward’s Electricity 4 Gas. As usual, I was searching for a comprehensive review of this e-book on the web but could not find any. Most reviews were very brief and general. I wanted more detailed information. I might as well write it myself.

Firstly, Electricity 4 Gas has 10 chapters. The first chapter covers the process of locating your donor car. According to Millward, a donor car is what you call a vehicle that you will strip out its internal combustion engine and make it run purely on electricity. There are 2 main points to consider when you are searching for a donor car. Are you using the car to carry passenger or are your using it to haul goods? If you are planning to carry goods, how much goods would you be carrying. This will determine whether the electric vehicle will fulfill your needs.

The second key point in this chapter of Electricity 4 Gas, the author stressed on one thing about the donor car. Get one with a manual transmission! According to Millward, a manual transmission is ideal for an electric car retrofitting because it can work under low RPM. Most electric motor will turn relatively slower compared to a gasoline driven engine. An automatic transmission on the other hand require constant spinning power from the engine to pump the transmission fluid. Not so practical with an electric motor.

If you are planning to start your own electric car conversion project, you need to choose a donor car carefully. You have to consider your available budget. Peter Millward of Electricity 4 Gas has also recommended some car trading sites where you can get competitive donor car.

Peter Millward Electricity4Gas Review

One of the things I do to research content for my blog is to buy online electric car conversion manuals and review them. The latest DIY electric vehicle guides that I bought from Clickbank is Peter Millward Electricity 4 Gas. There are a few conversion guides on the web and I’ll be getting them soon.

Just like many DIY electric conversion guides in the market, Electricity4Gas is pretty easy to read. Simple language and not many technical jargons. One section that I really like is Peter’s suggestion on how and where to find cheap electric motor and acid flooded batteries for EV conversion project.

One of the main concern faced by DIY electric car enthusiast is the cost of any EV conversion project. The DC electric motor and batteries would take up the biggest budget. Peter’s suggestion make sense and if you are willing to do some researching to source for used or reconditioned parts, you would keep your conversion budget under control.

I would be posting more of my own thought on Peter Millward’s Electricity4Gas ebook in the future.

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